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Nimo Studio is a young interior design company specialising in hospitality design - hotel rooms, public areas, bars and restaurants. Since our most significant projects are related to the hotel industry, we have become well versed in the interior design of hotels, providing high-quality design and planning services to our clients. 


We believe that integrating architectural theory with practical, on-site application is key to delivering successful and cost-effective projects. Our aim is to offer a high level of technical and graphic support to investors in project planning and implementation. Our plans show that we are fully committed to our work, offering a comprehensive service from design, planning through to completion. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working on a number of different projects involving both planning and work on the construction or refurbishment site, where we put ideas into practice. In project planning, we always take into account the client’s unique identity and subtly integrate it into the project design as we believe that this approach delivers the best possible results and is key to a successful project both in terms of client satisfaction and our performance.


Niki Motoh, lead architect

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Niki Motoh


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Alja Vehovec


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Rok Božič


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