The Nox Hotel is a boutique hotel with 34 uniquely furnished rooms, the Nox Lounge bar, and a furniture showroom. The hotel boasts a modern and fresh interior, richly furnished in wood, and an exciting variety of interior designs.


The idea for the hotel arose from the desire to bring a furniture showroom and a hotel under one roof. As a furniture manufacturing company, the investor would include its products in the hotel interior, while offering furniture from Slovenian and foreign manufacturers for sale in the furniture showroom. The aim was to create a building with different sample rooms that would present a variety of interior design approaches to prospective investors.


The architecture of the Nox Hotel points to the multi-purpose nature of the building, indicating the investor’s activity through two distinctive elements – the elegant facade of gently curved laminated panels fixed on black mirror glass, resembling a Chesterfield sofa, and the roof above the entrance to the Nox Lounge and the frame of the furniture showroom’s display window, which imitate the edge of a piece of furniture. Both elements also appear in the hotel interior in the distinctive form of the wooden ceilings, the reception desk and the bar counter in the lobby and the Nox Lounge, and in the details of furnishings, especially in the corridors and rooms. Our wish was to create a raw yet plain and attractive appearance. As a result, the interior blends three primary materials - oak wood, concrete and metal.


The multi-purpose nature of the building demanded a great deal of creativity in furnishing the interior, particularly the 24 completely different hotel rooms. To achieve a diversity of ideas, several other Slovenian designers and architects were invited to participate in the project. This approach was more demanding in terms of organisation and more expensive in terms of the time and effort required, as it entailed a greater number of projects, smaller quantities of materials, more diverse materials, and many different pieces of furniture and equipment that needed to be produced. But the effort has paid off and the end result is a wide variety of creatively furnished rooms.


All the hotel rooms are double rooms, but have different layouts and are of different sizes, ranging from 20 to 45 m2. An interesting feature of the rooms is the unconventional, glass-walled bathrooms. The glass wall allows natural light to enter the bathroom and connects the bathroom with the room space, providing a more spacious feel to the room’s interior.  The rooms differ greatly from one another, each having a character of its own. We have experimented a lot with both the layouts and the use of materials to achieve the desired effects, present a variety of interior design approaches, and offer a different hotel experience to that of more conventional hotels.


Hotel 4****

Furniture Showroom

Lounge Bar


Ljubljana, Slovenia


2013 (24 rooms)

2015 (10 rooms)


HIT Preless d.o.o.


Niki Motoh



TehnoloŇ°ki park 24E, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


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